BLT - Best Little Things

Not a sandwich!

Not a sandwich!

Oh we love food more than you, most likely, and that is why BLT sounded perfect for us as it reminds us of deliciousness in our mouths. So yeah our name has some pun intended. Humor is a big part of our life and we love and cherish it! So laugh with us as we embark in this journey to create this handmade jewelry with meaning that we hope you'll love and wear with great significance.

We are about noticing the little things in life that can make you happy. Things that we have in front of us but usually miss them due to the hectic stressed pace that comes with the mundane worries of every day.

We want to inspire you to make connections, deeper connections with the ones you care about. That is why we believe that what we make has to be a great gift for any woman or girl that is close to your heart or would like to get closer. 


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched, they must  be felt in the heart” - Helen Keller


 We are women trying to empower other women as we all face similar challenges in this world. We want to help each other, and if our craft can help bring two hearts together or bring some joy for a moment, or make one girl believe in herself, we are more than happy with what we have accomplished.

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The BLT Team.