BLT - The Signature Bracelet - Golden

BLT - The Signature Bracelet - Golden

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Nothing makes for a more perfect gift, than this bracelet with meaning!

The Bracelet symbolizes the often twisted, most likely mixed, convoluted and unquestionably complex life we all carry, but it reminds us of all the little things that matter more than anything else and gives us focus and somehow empowers us to trust in ourselves. It’s a declaration of freedom if you will, ironically tightening us up like there is no escape from life but only to realize that you can make it awesome with the help of love, spiritual strength, discovery, and confidence to reach for the stars... and have a wonderful time while it lasts.

Handmade with love from our hearts to yours.

The bracelet is made of golden color braided faux leather with 5 metal charms and 5 resin round eye charms with the following meaning:

  • Heart: Represents love, as it should be the basis of everything.
  • Hamsa hand: Symbolizes spirituality. It’s also known to bring happiness, health, luck and good fortune. 
  • Angel: Signifies guidance and protection, a connection with the divine. Most of us have a special someone that guides us physically or spiritually. 
  • Suitcase or passport*: Represents travel and growth. Exploring new cultures, new ideas and new places, all while rediscovering ourselves through these experiences.
  • Inspirational words/quotes**: These give us that extra lift that we might need to believe in ourselves and to remind us to keep fighting for our dreams.
  • Eye Charms: Known to protect us from bad luck and chase away evil and envy.


 "Let no sadness come to this heart, Let no trouble come to these arms, let no conflict come to these eyes, let my soul be filled with the blessings of joy and peace" - Hamsa prayer


*You might receive a suitcase charm or a passport charm.

**You will get one of the following: "Believe", “I love you to the moon and back”, or "Live your dream."